Daughter of the Keme chieftain, went with the group to help find the Face in the Stone


Before leaving

The Black Company approached the chieftain of the Keme nomads, asking for a guide to help them find the Face in the Stone. He offered his daughter, Hocapontas, as a very helpful guide. The chief then warns the adventurers that if his daughter should not return, the entire army of the Keme lands would track them down!

On the way there

Hocapontas was not too fond of being thrown into the desert with a group of strangers. Nonetheless, she still proved to be a valuable guide in finding the Face.

On the way back

After leaving the Face, Hocapontas exclaims how she wants to be like the outsiders, and says she is going to leave her tribe after she goes back. The group parts ways with her once they reach Urik, watching her walk into the sand dunes to her homeland.


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