The Black Company

Through the Forest

A mysterious village...

On their way towards Fallcrest, returning from Tyr, the group gets tired, and begins to set up camp. As they are looking for a place to clear out and set up, a bell is heard tolling not too far away. Mysteriously, the closest village on the map is twenty miles away, but this bell seems to be only a few hundred feet in the distance. The group heads toward the sound, and finds a small village, with an inn, a church, and multiple other buildings. Upon approaching the town, the group notices that no one is outside, and all seem to be indoors.

The inn would be the most logical place to head to for a place to rest. From outside, people can be heard talking and seen moving from the windows. It seems like a very inviting place. However, the second Erik knocks on the door, all light and sound from inside ceases. The building begins to creak, and then it roars at the group! This is no ordinary building! Erdain shouts, “House Hunters! Get back!”, as the windows and door of the building opens, revealing two large eyes and waving tentacles. “They’re like mimics, they wait for someone to come near, then attack!”, Erdain explains. After fighting back the inn for a while, two smaller buildings come into the fray from the side of the inn, a stable and outhouse. The church bell begins ringing with more force than before, BING BING BING BING!

The battle rages on, Araal and Erik attacking the inn with their weapons, crushing its supports, while Joszarr, Rehgiment and Erdain rain fury on the stable and outhouse. Tentacles whip, weapons clang against unnatural walls, and blasts of magic fill the air. Eventually, the buildings resemble very little of what they once were, and this battle is over.

But what about the rest of the village? All of the buildings that have been slowly moving towards the group as they fought? Could the heroes take on an entire group of mimics the size of buildings?



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