The Black Company

On His Lordship's Affairs
a half-ord, a halfling, and a noble kidnapping.

At the conclusion of the last battle, the Black Company find two new companions inside the monstrous inn: a half-orc cleric named Taran, and a halfing rogue named Parrim. The party gathers together and runs out of the myterious village to safety. Once safe, the two wanderers tell their story.

Taram had been sent by the elder shaman of his home village of Estol in order to find a lost amulet that was very special to the village. Parrim had simply come along fro the ride, as a mischievous trickster always looking for fun. The duo had stumbled into the house-hunters’ trap while they were returning from their expedition, amulet in tow. Luckily, the Black Company had come soon after, and rescued them before they could be digested.

The group, along with their new additions, went first to Estol to return the amulet. Parrim and Taran wanted to come with the group to assist them with adventuring, and the group accepted.

Continuing on, they eventually reached Fallcrest, to find that the vision they had in The Face in the Stone to be unture: Fallcrest was as good as ever. No fires, death, or anything unusual. All seemed well, and the group stops into their most frequented inn: The Nentir Inn. Recognizing the cloaks on their backs, multiple people came up and greeted the Black Company as they entered, hearing many tales of their deeds in Fallcrest and beyond. Although, our heroes were tired, and quickly retired to rooms, happy to sleep on real beds for once (even if the Nentir Inn has the worst arrangements in town).

In the morning, after a well deserved rest, the party was eating breakfast when the Lord Warden of Fallcrest came rushing in. Exasperated, he approaches the party. “Ahh, The Black Company!,” he says, “So long has it been since I’ve seen your faces! I understand you’ve just returned from the desert, yes?” Silently, the group nods in confrimation. “What great timing!” the warden continues, “I am in dire need of your skills. My daughter was kidnapped yesterday, and I would be forever in your gratitude if you could track down the offenders and bring her safely to me.” Having known the Lord for quite some time, the group quickly agrees to find her.

Seeking more information, they first go to the head of the City Guard, Captain Therolt.
“The only thing I’ve heard that could be related to this is the rumor of activity near the Temple of the Yellow Skulls, an old shrine in the *da fuck* Hills to the southwest.”
“Hmm,” Content Not Found: araal said, “I’ve heard similar reports from a trader. He said he saw troglodytes near there too.”
“That sounds likely to me,” the Captain said, “those nasty creatures crawl all over the hills.”


  • Go to Shartay’s Maps
  • Get map to Tmeple of the Yellow Skull
  • Shartay (old Sader) tells legend of the yellow skulls
  • Go to temple
  • first rooms are empty
  • talk about the writing in the second room
  • fight monsters
Through the Forest
A mysterious village...

On their way towards Fallcrest, returning from Tyr, the group gets tired, and begins to set up camp. As they are looking for a place to clear out and set up, a bell is heard tolling not too far away. Mysteriously, the closest village on the map is twenty miles away, but this bell seems to be only a few hundred feet in the distance. The group heads toward the sound, and finds a small village, with an inn, a church, and multiple other buildings. Upon approaching the town, the group notices that no one is outside, and all seem to be indoors.

The inn would be the most logical place to head to for a place to rest. From outside, people can be heard talking and seen moving from the windows. It seems like a very inviting place. However, the second Erik knocks on the door, all light and sound from inside ceases. The building begins to creak, and then it roars at the group! This is no ordinary building! Erdain shouts, “House Hunters! Get back!”, as the windows and door of the building opens, revealing two large eyes and waving tentacles. “They’re like mimics, they wait for someone to come near, then attack!”, Erdain explains. After fighting back the inn for a while, two smaller buildings come into the fray from the side of the inn, a stable and outhouse. The church bell begins ringing with more force than before, BING BING BING BING!

The battle rages on, Araal and Erik attacking the inn with their weapons, crushing its supports, while Joszarr, Rehgiment and Erdain rain fury on the stable and outhouse. Tentacles whip, weapons clang against unnatural walls, and blasts of magic fill the air. Eventually, the buildings resemble very little of what they once were, and this battle is over.

But what about the rest of the village? All of the buildings that have been slowly moving towards the group as they fought? Could the heroes take on an entire group of mimics the size of buildings?

The Story So Far
A Brief History

Invasion of Fallcrest

Attack on Fallcrest by Templar knights. This event brought the initial characters together.

Kobold Hall

Involved Britarn, Joszarr, Araal, a wizard(?), and Erik (although wasn’t in-game). Group was sent to stop kobolds from attacking caravans.

Heading to the desert

Death of Britarn, introduction of Erdain, ranger of the DĂșnedain Moonwood. Group proceeds to Tyr.

Vault of Darom Madar

Group meets Rhotan Vor, a caravaneer, and accepts his request for bodyguards/adventurers to clean out the fabled vault, full of treasure, and bring it back to Tyr for sale.

Marauders of the Dune Sea

Knick-knack shop owner Karlen, a half-giant, asks the players to go to the Face in the Stone, a hidden dungeon, and bring back any artifacts inside. The group also picks up Rehgiment, a young human wizard. On leaving the city, the group is attacked by soldiers of Content Not Found: king-humanu of Urik. The group drags the captured captain back to the king, furious at his attacks. The king offers them a choice to go to the Face and claim the artifacts for him instead. The group accepts, and finds the Crown of Dust. Bringing it back to the king, the king trades his own crown for the Crown of Dust, and sends the adventurers on their way.

Back to Fallcrest



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